Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter




The Easter bunny left for me….


2011-04-24 11.04.36


Three ‘Winchester Cathedral’



2011-04-24 11.05.03

One ‘Mary Rose’ David Austin rose bushes.


“Pretty please, Mr. Easter Bunny, won’t you come dig the holes in our rocky, clay earth and plant these beauties for me?”


Hope you’re having a lovely day….

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was love at first sight.

  Treasure hunting is definitely in my blood, and I credit my mother for much of what I know  and love about the hunt.  That said, one of my never-miss television shows, American Pickers, was responsible for the score of this latest object of my affection…..


Our eyes met across a crowded yard and I was instantly smitten.  Hidden behind a shed, tipped on her side and covered in mud, I knew instantly that she had to be mine.  Alas, when I inquired, I found that she had been promised to another.  With a heavy heart, I returned to the sale and though heartbroken, I still managed to find some interesting items to bring into the shop.


But I just couldn’t shake the image of this lovely lady.  As I was getting ready to leave, I asked again-- “Are you sure that the other fellow wants her???? “ (Thinking to myself that “no one could possibly love her like I will”)
The words of Frank and Mike were pounding my head …. “Just because someone says no, it doesn’t mean it’s over.” 

So I asked if I could leave my number for the seller to call me if the loathed competition changed his mind.  Even better, she gave me her number and said I could call in a week.
After a week (of excruciating obsession) had passed, I called and sadly,  got her voicemail.  Several days passed, but no call back, then several more.  I resigned myself to the loss.  Then, late one evening, after about a week …

I GOT THE CALL!!!  She was mine!!!!!! My tenacity had paid off. 

Not that you’re reading my humble little blog, but “Thank you!” Mike and Frank for your inspiring words. 
I am truly “Junk Drunk."

(Oh, and so sorry y’all, don’t look for her in the shop any time soon, this girl is all mine…)

Monday, March 14, 2011
































Chalky white.

No sparkle, no shine, just simple, pure, powdery perfection.

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