Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It was love at first sight.

  Treasure hunting is definitely in my blood, and I credit my mother for much of what I know  and love about the hunt.  That said, one of my never-miss television shows, American Pickers, was responsible for the score of this latest object of my affection…..


Our eyes met across a crowded yard and I was instantly smitten.  Hidden behind a shed, tipped on her side and covered in mud, I knew instantly that she had to be mine.  Alas, when I inquired, I found that she had been promised to another.  With a heavy heart, I returned to the sale and though heartbroken, I still managed to find some interesting items to bring into the shop.


But I just couldn’t shake the image of this lovely lady.  As I was getting ready to leave, I asked again-- “Are you sure that the other fellow wants her???? “ (Thinking to myself that “no one could possibly love her like I will”)
The words of Frank and Mike were pounding my head …. “Just because someone says no, it doesn’t mean it’s over.” 

So I asked if I could leave my number for the seller to call me if the loathed competition changed his mind.  Even better, she gave me her number and said I could call in a week.
After a week (of excruciating obsession) had passed, I called and sadly,  got her voicemail.  Several days passed, but no call back, then several more.  I resigned myself to the loss.  Then, late one evening, after about a week …

I GOT THE CALL!!!  She was mine!!!!!! My tenacity had paid off. 

Not that you’re reading my humble little blog, but “Thank you!” Mike and Frank for your inspiring words. 
I am truly “Junk Drunk."

(Oh, and so sorry y’all, don’t look for her in the shop any time soon, this girl is all mine…)


  1. she's great; wonderful detail - especially in the hair.

  2. Just Stunning.. I think you should think again about putting her in your shoppe. Maybe you should share with everyone.. Let the public share your love of her beauty...

  3. I just found your blog and I love it already! I have signed up so I'll be back often. :)

    What a beautiful find you have here - so romantic and just lovely.



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