Saturday, July 11, 2009

They’re heeere…

On an entirely non-design related note:


I am so excited my favorite local farmer (Tom Tomich in Orangevale) has started picking this year’s crop of Suncrest peaches. Equal in flavor to O’Henry (which ripens in early August around here), no flavorless grocery store version of a peach can even come close these heavenly delights.

Every year, beginning the day after Memorial day, Tom opens his little stand for the summer. I have anxiously awaited opening day for well over a decade now. Each year, my brood devours bushels (no joke) of Tom’s peaches; in fact, my boys have never even tried a grocery store peach.

Early this morning, we made our weekly visit to the stand and bought his last box of Suncrest. I’m going spend tomorrow peeling and freezing them so that we can enjoy them in the winter too—hard work, but totally worth it. My secret weapon when freezing peaches is the addition of a splash of vanilla to the syrup mixture; it takes away that “freezer” taste completely.

For those of you in the Sacramento area, you can find Tom’s peaches in Orangevale (the stand is on Filbert, just off of Greenback). I guarantee, you won’t be able to eat a store bought peach ever again!

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