Sunday, July 12, 2009

What does your front door say about you?




Is it front and center, openly inviting the world in?




Or does it prefer to remain anonymous, camouflaged by the overall architecture?




Is it tucked safely under cover?




Or buffered by a porch?




Has it gone incognito, hiding behind the landscaping?




Or do visitors have to first pass through a garden or courtyard to reach it?


My own front door is on the side of my house, not visible from the street, tucked away under a covered porch that is surrounded by an enormous climbing rose bush.  Hmmm, I wonder what that says about me?!

What does your front door say about you?


  1. I want my door to say, "come one in." Many front doors seem to be hiding behind overgrown landscaping. At others you can't tell how to get to the front door. So I guess I like neighborly better than remote.

  2. I selected a beautiful cranberry shade for my front door because I like the warmth and contrast with the gray house paint and black shutters. It says, "welcome, it's warm and inviting inside."

  3. Hey - are all of these houses in Atlanta? As soon as I saw the first image, I recognized it as a house on Habersham. This house was on a tour of homes last year, and it is just as pretty inside as outside.

    The second home is a Shutze house that was renovated to perfection a few years ago. Miles Redd did the interiors. I have not been inside (I was supposed to go to a meeting there, but it had to be canceled), but I have heard it is spectacular. I recently saw the pictures of the landscape design in the back on a landscape architect's website - wow. I have often wondered where the front door is to this house, funny you should put it in your post!

    My front door is on the side of the house, with a gently curved stone stairway leading to it. I am a believer in having the entrance easy to spot in the overall architecture of the front of the house.

  4. Things That Inspire...Yes, the homes are in Atlanta. I took the photos when I was out in May. You all have such gorgeous architecture there! Thanks so much for the additional info. Too bad your meeting was cancelled--that home looked amazing from the outside!

  5. We miss you!!
    Merry Christmas!



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