Sunday, June 6, 2010

A design legend weighs in on design sensibilities….



“We like to think our taste is a permanent attribute, rather like having blue eyes or being a certain height.  But taste changes all the time, in greater degrees for some people, in lesser degrees for others.  The aging process is the first and most notable reason.  As we grow older,  we become more informed--about what we like as well as about the world around us.  We usually become more serious too.  Growing prosperity enters in; so does a greater need for comfort.  Finally, there is the question of the things we have been accumulating:  Do we still like them?  Or do we want to trade them in?  for most of us, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  The things we keep gain in importance as time goes by.   At least they should; otherwise we shouldn’t keep them….”


Mark Hampton

Architectural Digest,  December 1995


  1. Suzanne, that is a wonderful piece. Such an affirmation of what I have been feeling of late.

    You always have the most thoughtful posts. I really appreciate your blog...

    All the best! Donna

  2. Hello there lady-
    trying the facebook thing-but no clue what im doing where it ends ups or who sees it- total lost in that arena- But thanks for the compliments on the party.


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