Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please forward my mail….






While browsing through French real estate listings this weekend, I came upon this lovely “petit” chateau.  

Listing price you ask?   580,000 Euro-- that’s approximately $710,000 U.S. !

Call the movers, I’m packing my bags right now! 



The front door leads into an impressive entrance hall with gorgeous stone flooring with inlays (cabochons).  A wrought iron and stone staircase sweeps up to the first floor.  

  Had I the opportunity to do my own entry room over again, I would have done a floor something like this.



To the left of this entrance hall, a door leads into a dining room with stone fireplace and exposed stone walls.




An eat-in kitchen with amazing stone walls, modern appliances, a farm sink with a bridge faucet and wonderful gray cabinetry.  Unlike so many old residences, this kitchen needs no updating. 



A different view of the kitchen.  LOVE the zinc finials and the sunlight streaming through the French doors.



Here is where I will sit with my laptop and blog.  When I need inspiration, I can simply refer to one of my design books housed nearby in the lovely arched cabinetry.



Although I’ll likely replace the red striped upholstery on the sofa, it is here where I’ll offer you a cup of tea and a croissant when you come to visit.



After a hard day of tending to my garden, I’ll retire to my chamber with my latest design book and a glass of local wine in hand.



I suppose I’ll have to change the wall color in the boys bedroom.  And, perhaps some new lamps….



On the grounds, there is a guest/guardian's house consisting of sitting room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.




From the listing:

“This pretty little chateau is set in the centre of a small village in the northern Vienne region of France. The property has undergone a complete restoration with superb attention to detail. Many original features have been retained. There is also a pool and a small caretaker’s cottage. The property comprises:

Reception Rooms: 4      Bedrooms: 7      Bathrooms: 7”

(Why don’t American homes have as many bathrooms as bedrooms?!)

Although there are plenty of listings for very grand French Chateaux, I would be content to steward this little gem for the next forty years or so. 

Can anybody recommend a good international moving company?


  1. I'll move right in with you!!!!!!! What an amazing home. The price must be a typo. This would be to good to be true. Your blog is lovely. I just stumbled on to you.

  2. Thanks Sue!

    I can't believe the price of real estate in France--In California 700,000 doesn't go very far here--you can get a nice home, but nothing like a Chateau! Glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment.


  3. Yes forward my mail to (Please)! Nope didnt beat the heat at all-had to go to physicals this morning for all 3 kiddies-f.ball-cheer(last min).. And it is so so hot let me tell ya.. Having Cody come out every hour and help me move stuff into shade to dry..Thanks for the tutorial yestrdy- His clocks are amzing- im going to go get that milk paint tomorrow to try it on something..
    Yes come visit.

  4. Beautiful! I think there is room enough for me to visit for a bit, don't you think? Love all of that beautiful limestone!



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