Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adopt and Adapt



More sage advise from Dorothy Draper….

Shortcut #12:

There are two words in the English language that you should try to remember when you are looking for new ideas.  Strangely enough they both begin with the very first letter of the alphabet.  The words are “adopt” and “adapt”.

So many people get discouraged when they look through the pages of the opulent so-called service magazines or try to glean some ideas from the room set-ups in the stores.  “The rooms were all much larger than mine,” or “I could never afford such big pieces of furniture,” are the laments of the majority.

The idea is to “adopt” the concept and “adapt” it to your own room and your own way of living.  You may not be able to afford or have room for such a large breakfront, but how about a small secretary or hutch? 

You like that swag idea for the window in your living room, but the heavy damask and tassels is much too heavy a treatment for the size of your room.  Adopt the idea, but modify it to suit your space, taste and pocketbook. 

You admire the bamboo fretwork on the wall behind that bed, but it looks expensive, so why not use a regular wooden garden trellis for practically the same effect?

Did you see that picture of the patio with a riot of petunias in planters?  Take that idea and plant some inexpensive petunia seeds or small petunia plants in wooden salad bowls and have three bowls brimming with color on your kitchen ledge.  Learn to adopt an idea and adapt it to your own special needs!”

Inspiration is everywhere when you are open to seeing it.

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  1. great does get discouraging sometimes with realistic budgets and space...these are great tips to remember...


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