Monday, April 26, 2010

I have the sweetest friends….

  Me and Christina 

This weekend, my boys’ school was hosting a benefit garage sale.  As I am a self-professed magpie who can’t seem to leave anything behind, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some of the goodies out of the garage and help the school out a little bit.   So, I recruited my very dear friend and partner in crime err…design, Christina, who brought some of her treasures as well. 


We brought only decorative items (trust me, I have plenty of straight-up junk that I need to get rid of too).  And, to try to drum up a little design biz, we put up easels with portfolio photos and had business cards handy for anybody that asked.  The sale went great and we had a blast talking to people.




As we were getting ready to pack up, a friend who had been by earlier in the day came walking up with this ADORABLE little footstool in her hand.  She started to ask me a question about if I’d seen someone and I was so distracted by what she was carrying, I could barely focus on what she was saying (this is a bad habit I have—I get totally visually distracted).  I told her that “no, I hadn’t seen her, but that footstool is darling.”  She replied that  “…(she) had had it for a long time and she thought it was right up my alley and that she wanted me to have it.”

Do I have the sweetest friends or what?!  Thanks a bunch Gale, I love it!


And thank you to Christina for all your help—it is so much fun to do things together!

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